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Italian Veggie Ground Round

As delicious and versatile as our original Veggie Ground Round but flavoured with Italian spices. Perfect for pasta sauces, lasagna, or any other Italian dish.


*Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.

Water, textured soy protein, natural flavours, malt extract, spices, salt, guar gum, cane sugar, dehydrated red bell pepper, yeast extract, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, vitamin and mineral blend. Contains soy, mustard and barley. Also not suitable for consumption by persons with an allergy to wheat.


We do our best to keep our website current but please check the product label for the most up to date ingredient and allergen information.


Meat Alternatives
Non-Dairy Options
Health Check
Low Fat
No Saturated Fat
No Trans Fat
Cholesterol Free
Source of Fiber
Good Source of Protein
No Artificial Colours and Flavours
Free of Artificial Preservatives
No Peanuts in this Product